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PS. Government is brainwashing and taxation is theft :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello I’m a French libertarian


Hello. I’m in the US from the Chicago area. Proud Anarcho-Capitalist. Anyone want to chat Praxeology or Argumentation Ethics I’m always down! :vulcan_salute:


Cool, hey I want your take on something. How is the real situation in Chicago, are the riots and shootings as bad as it lamestream media presents it and are the Feds rly arresting ppl on the streats?

It really depends on how the data is broken down. Yes there is a lot of violent crime but its overwhelming due to gang violence and mainly happens in certain areas, of a city of almost 3million people. But if you look into the most dangerous cities in the US, Chicago isn’t even in the top 25 just have to know how to move. I love it here go out all of the time and have never had anything happen to me but I still believe in situational awareness and also conceal carry. Here’s a site that keeps track of the homicides:

That being said; Chicago is a nexus for the narco drug trade and the drug trade moves in lockstep with the black market gun trade. Until all drugs are decriminalized to the point where it will disrupt the drug trade nothing will change; and the mayor blaming guns calling for stricter gun laws won’t help as criminals by nature DON’T FOLLOW LAWS :man_facepalming: :laughing: . All these politicians will do is make it more difficult for peaceful gun owners such as myself to exercise our inherent right to self preservation.

The riots were bad millions of dollars of damage was done. Lots of local business owners lost everything the only ones that didn’t risked going to jail to protect their property like the Roof Koreans in LA back in 92. The feds haven’t done any gestapo tactics or anything lol. Most I’ve heard is them cracking down on the black market gun trade.


HoS: Let me ask you the same question, on your profile I can see you are from Malmö, it also has a bad reputation of violence. How is it actually?

mr_nv: Oh that is sad, I had a great time in Chicago last Thanksgiving Weekend. One random guy on the street showed me where the L was and gave me $3 to take it, only good things happened to me there

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@mr_nv cool it’s all a mindset being prepared and not afraid right. Cov-19, lockdowns and jobloss is fully being politicized, during this election year, by the front end of the globalists. Oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer. Create fear about a virus that has a survival rate over 99 % and do some tricks with death statistics. Heard Soros is at it again with funding both BLM and Antifa with Marxis agenda - will be a interesting election fallout… But it’s all being papered over by the FED which is good for crypto.

However I feel more like getting to free places. Many libertarians in US try to go to south america where governments are small and not respected by the people. Things will get worse in big cities during this dollar collapse, ever thought of leaving?

I live in a small city of 300000 people and I am thinking long term to get the freak out. Don’t like the development of smart cities runed on 5 g social credit score, mark of the beast.

@Yogalholic. Malmö is like mostly full of hipsters on retro bikes drinking latte’s, I have never felt threatened. Sure we have a suburb area with problems with crime and some gangs rivaling about the drug and gun smuggling coming up from central Europe via the bridge to Denmark.

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Yeah honestly it’s all trade offs when looking into what Govts are breathing down your neck less. They make have little to no income tax but don’t have freedom of speech or allow people own the kinds of guns I’m into. freedom is a state of mind imo. That being said I’m all for the counter economics of agorism.

@Yogalholic Yeah generally I have a good time here. The other night I rode my onewheel through Lincoln Park on the north side without a care in the world. Also enjoy all the diversity of food and entertainment here.

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Whatsup brothers and sisters. Hope you all getting on those decentralized platforms, been feeling LBRY really good lately. PS have any of you have a look at this vid: . Yoh this vid took me by suprise. Anyways hope you all well, we here prepping well in South Africa. Moving to the farm lands soon with my wife, working on decentralized communication systems - here we have the Cape Town Wireless Network. Will be growing my own food, using solar panels and filtering my own water. Got two chickens but will get more once of there. Things are moving fast and we’re try to make haste before the next planned lockdowns. Lots of people awake here, just the big businesses requiring masks and nonsense lol. Starting to use cash and purchase directly from the farmers, fishermen and small merchants. They stopped alchol and tobacco sales here which is waking up masses like nothing else lol.

People please have a look at this:

Thanks for sharing agorism, that is awesome bud. Will start doing as the norm

BTW Nixon and Co. did rly screw the US and the world already back in 1971 by taking USD of the gold standard. Starting wars were really unpopular back in the days when money creation was not possible, but wars had to be funded directly by the public. On top of that, violence is unmoral unless in self defense, but as we saw in nine / 11 narratives can also be constructed to gain support from the people for offense. Your constitution says only gold and money is to be considered money. But i guess that was not part of the plan for the people out to enrich them selfs further and further on behalf of more and more people.

Hello, do you have a background with electrical engineering and IOT?

@hyekin seems they don’t know what they are talking about in the video. They are confusing Bitcoin with Blockchain and central bank digital Money. Governments are discrediting Bitcoin since it’s not controllable however it’s trackable so if you need privacy coins use Monero.

Thanks to Bitcoin getting the Government out of your pocket is not the mark of the beast, it’s starving the beast. And due to high security and constant development in the consensus network it’s improbable for Governments, AI or quantum computers to steal funds.