Networking, Security and Blockchain question

How important is understanding networking and cybersecurity, to understanding blockchain based security? How important is having a good grasp of networking to understanding blockchain and its advantages in general? What are some good low cost or free courses on networking and cybersecurity?

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Good questions. When I started learning about blockchain and bitcion, I already had some knowledge of electronics and computer technology. I already knew several terms that were used in the bitcoin whitepaper. Its hard to say if you need to learn too much about networking or cybersecurity. I would say no, but having previous knowledge would make you connect all the dots quicker. Either way, the course is really easy to follow in my opinion. If you feel you are missing to understand some of the terms, feel free to ask anyone here on the forums. Me and a couple of other moderators are here to help you understand everything from the course itself. Don’t hesitate to message me or any of them. The courses are amazing, I can assure you. :smiley: