Never used a chat before. How does homework work?

Never used a chat before. Please tell me how to use?
How does homework work please?

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You type in your question and send. Then you wait for one of us in the forum or a teachers assistant will respond. Good luck and you made the correct choice in joining our forum and team
Pete the Greek

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@Lembessis, Good answer. :wink:

@EnglishMom. Welcome to our Toshi Times Forum
We will respond to questions and read your answers, If we like it we give a heart, and if the answers are way off, we may ask you to elaborate, to see if you misunderstood the question or if you need more help.

We try to answer within 24 hours, but the community har grown a lot lately, and we try to do our best. We also encourage all students to help each other by answering if they can and to be active in the forum.

Good luck. :hugs: :partying_face: :man_teacher:


Ha ha…just found all theses replies.
Thank you Pete the Greek! :smile:

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Your welcome and any time. Heads up, I feel Defi is definitely my next class!!!

Pete The Greek!!!

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Can’t wait to get there.:grinning:
Have fun with that :+1::blush::blush::blush::blush:

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