New and in need of inspiration

Hi guys,

I’m a little over a month in with this academy work. My study plan is intended to take me from someone with little to no experience with crypto, into “full time employee as a blockchain developer.”

I’ve been going the self-taught (through YouTube/books, etc) route with macroeconomics/ bitcoin, so I flew through the bitcoin, ethereum, defi stuff…

Now we’re getting into the nitty gritty with Javascript programming (which is why I came to this academy, to learn to code and become a developer). I’m almost 70 lessons in that have taken me a month (because I’m really trying to absorb this stuff).

I am feeling discouraged. My background is NOT tech. In fact, I am a 29 and an ex professional athlete ( 8 years).

My competitiveness is purely what is driving me to finish this course. I want the freedom I so believe in when Ivan talks about what blockchain development can bring to your life.

I passionately believe in crypto, bitcoin, ethereum… I’m just wondering if you need a big background to have a career in this stuff, especially at my age with a SPORTS background…

Can Ivan on Tech really help yield a job upon completing these courses??

Any comments would be nice to read, honesty preferred!


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Its ok William. I felt the same but from my understanding now is all computer languages are built in same manner, its really evolutionary learning, they just give the basics in the beginning but as you go along and with practice , you will soon begin to understand how it all correlates together. Its learning how to drive a car but you really dont get a hang of it until you get on the road. Then from there you become a good driver or an excellent one. Dont be discourage this blockChain tech is constantly upgrading but Your lucky to be expose to the tools and knowledge at the early states. Soon you will learn to master its concepts, be patient, the force is with you always.

And my advise is listen to the youtube lectures no matter how exciting they are. Never give up! Never Surrender! Good luck my fellow Academy brother!



I can share those feelings 100%. I took almost all of the academy courses, somehow understood them, but was not able to move to the next level. Frustrating. This is how I overcame my problem. I gave myself a small task to create a simple report (like coingecko). Outside of the academy Just for fun. It started by copying a repository from somebody in github. I used python as that was easier for me (Javascript has too many abbreviations and it is difficult to remember those). Over the last 4 months that report has grown significantly as I started adding things. As of today this is what I have created: