New-b desperate for guidance

im new here as of today. im currently incarcerated and i want to expand my knowledge because the prison system is anti-advanced-education. im using a contraband phone that i was able to purchase at an extremely high price but i can now reach out to the world and my family so i can never put a price on that.

ive been gone from the world for over 8 years and this is the first time ive had access to the internet in over 8 years. in 2017 i read INTERNET OF MONEY by Andreas Antonopoulos and i had never heard of Bitcoin up until that moment. it wss about August 2017. since that day ive been doing nothing but consuming anything about bitcoin, blockchain, cypherpunks, encryption, Cryptocurrencies, etc. in about a year i was fortunate enough to have family and friends ordering me books. ive now read more than 20 books and ive read these books no less than 6x’s a piece! THE BOOK OF SATOSHI, BLOCKCHAIN AND THE LAW, MASTERING BITCOIN, THE BITCOIN STANDARD, etc, etc…

I contacted an outside career institute that charged my mom $800 dollars to send me books about “C” coding, i graduated with honors and a 93%gpa, but i just had the books, i didnt have access to a terminal. i started teaching a class to other prisoners, teaching about bitcoin, blockchain and crypto. i taught this class for a year then transferred to this new prison on medical transfer, my dad has stage 4 lung cancer. its been a rough ride.

i got this phone about 2 months ago and i just started an educational group on Facebook to help spread thr wird to family and friends and right now i have 63 members.

i met a British lady there on Facebook and i helped her learn about bitcoin and wallets, she had since invested an extremely large amount of money into crypto. she’s very happy and she found IVAN ON TECH and told me she’d pay for a year for me if i wanted. i accepted her offer and now here i am… if you can help guide me i really could use the help. im 41 years old, from America.


I’m not sure what you’re asking for?
Also hoping you can get something done on your phone.

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I cant even log into the forum…

Well I haven’t been on the internet in over 8 years and I’m probably still using it like 2012 when I’m sure there’s much more I can do.

Hi Btcblockmaster,

I am just at the beginning of my crypto/blockchain journey and, although having used the internet for the past 20 years, I have never joined a group or a forum before. I too am learning the navigation of the website and the forum - you are not alone!

Your story is inspiring - I’m so pleased you turned your life around through knowledge and education, particularly in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, it’s very admirable.

I don’t have any social media profiles and to be honest not sure how to keep in contact through here, but I’d love to know how you’re getting on (and any tips you’ve learned as a beginner on this site would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue: )

By the sounds of it you’ve overcome bigger hurdles - good luck :slight_smile:

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Hello! I’m coming along okay, but I’m having problems logging back onto the forum so I’m answering this directly from my email address.

Bitcoin has truly changed my entire perspective on life and our world, a world I once thought had no hope of ever being a better place. Thanks for finding inspiration in my intro and my story. I plan to be deeply involved in the forum. I plan to network and learn some of the greatest knowledge in human history. I hope we can keep in touch, please. Thanks and i look forward to hearing from you again soon


Hey Btcblockmaster - congratulations identifying the bitcoin/crypto/blockchain industry. Thanks to your friend for enrolling you into Ivan on tech academy. Your reading materials are heavyweight reference books - well done. Teaching is a great way of finding out what you know and what you don’t know. You’ve come to the right place to learn, share and debate. I too, am a beginner. It is good to have this forum to encourage, motivate and applaud each step taken in this revolution.


Will see! I think this phone gives me a great opportunity even if I only manage to do little.

Do you have a specific specialty? Or interest?

Thanks! And I hope we can stay connected.

Thank you! I’m very grateful for having this opportunity! Thanks Ms V!!

I’ve just started with EOS blockchain. Spent most of my time checking out glossary terms. Ultimate aim is to learn c++. I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. In fact I’m choking. Doesn’t deter me one bit. Just take one step at a time. Because EOS is the token/blockchain that my assignment is based on, I’ve spent some time on their website. I know a bit more today, than I did yesterday. Chin up Btc - there are quite a few of us in this boat. Feel free to drop a line.

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Your story is inspirational. Good for you for pushing through when many would give up in despair. I’m not sure what help you would need beyond money to do this course which you have resolved. You do have your classmates here to support and help with this journey in learning.
Is there a way we can support you in getting an early release? More privileges do you have a better learning environment? A lawyer that can help you navigate the justice system?
All the best with what lies ahead. Yours is a harder road than what many of us have had to travel. I hope that means greater resolve and greater success.


Hello, JosieA!

Thanks for the concern and encouragement. I also believe that my reward will be great because, like you said, my road may be harder than most. I also appreciate the offer of support! And it is hard! So much has been laid on the shoulders of my mother. She’s my “ride or die”! But every now and then I meet exceptional people who offer help and support, and I feel the love from total strangers! That really feels amazing!

But, my main concern is hoping I can find a way to take advantage of the financial opportunities of this oncoming bullrun in bitcoin and crypto, and set myself up to be self-sufficient when I’m released so that I can properly lead, and guide my 10yr old son, and provide him with the necessary resources needed in his development so that he’ll never have to see and experience some of the madness I’ve witnessed and experienced. This is my most important concern. And getting out of prison as soon as possible!

This justice system doesnt promote education at all, or rehabilitation. These are things you must strive for on an individual basis. And the prison blocks some educational material (such as computer programming) as a “threat to security and good order of the prison.” Its sad… But I’m stronger than that, and I refuse to be stagnated, plus I’ve met wonderful people along the way that have made my life so much better, even though I’m imprisoned physically, freedom is in the mind, always within reach.

I have a friend from the UK whom is paying for this course on my behalf, her name Ms V, and she’s an awsome lady!

I wish I could tell you how I could get an early release. I’ve had to fight for my innocence and constitutional rights alone, without a lawyer. The courts have completely ignored my every attempt to bring attention to my powerful claims and now I no longer have recourse, my well has run dry and I cant afford a paid attorney. So my outdated says 2026. I hope something comes along a lot sooner, but if not it’s more time I can dedicate to building upon “me”.

I have so many ideas that would make our lives better by way of using crypto. And that’s why I’m here. I believe this technology “will” change the world for the better at every single fundamental level of society. And I know that its people like me that needs to be at the table sharing my ideas and my experiences as a young black man and how we can approach the building of these new systems. To make things fair and more leveled for every person in the world, for generations to come. It’s not gonna be easy. The established rulers will resist, but it’s too many people who stand to benefit from the good, so they will not, and cannot stay in power much longer. I want to be apart of making this world better! If you feel the same way, then yes support me any way you can, because I dont need a handout, I need a friend, in every sense of the word!


Just came to the forum for the first time and read through this thread. Man, your attitude is truly inspirational! I don’t think there’s much I can do to help as I’m a total beginner in blockchain but still feel free to ask if there’s anything.


Hi @Btcblockmaster - how are you getting on? :slight_smile:

I have just finished the Bitcoin and Blockchain 101 course and it’s great! Which course are you doing?

I’ve been following this thread and still each day feel inspiration from your positivity and determination. Truly wishing you all the best from across the pond in the UK!


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Hey ellageee!

I’m hanging in there… Since I already understand the fundamentals of blockchain technology I thought I’d start with technical analysis because I aspire to be a crypto consultant and advisor as one of my income makers. And I’d like to create an investment group where people can take advantage of the major investment opportunities that are in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

But my real passion is in how this technology can be leverage to free the world from oppressive financial policies and from corrupt banker gangsters that have created these massive pockets of poverty all over the world.

I consider myself to be pretty bright, I just wasn’t afforded the kind of environment and resources that could have nurtured my natural geekiness…lol. I’ve always been nerdy, but my environment was punitive in this regard.

And I now have a 10 yr old son absent of a father and I want to change this world for the better and hopefully I can prevent my child from ending up in a place like this. I truly believe #BITCOIN and blockchain have the power and creates the incentive for the world to do better and to be better. So I’m definitely a #BITCOIN enthusiast!!

Thanks for the message and I pray that you achieve all you set out to be <3


Hi @Btcblockmaster,

your approach is inspiring and I think it’s a great idea to use your time for education and learning valuable skills!

A couple of thoughts from myself:

Technical analysis and successful trading strategies seem to have a lot to do with “having less losses over the long run than what you make in gains” - at least from what I’ve seen so far. To me it looks like you need a good amount of patience, a thick skin when it comes to losses, you need to control your emotions very well (which was especially difficult when I tried it out a little but didn’t have much money to lose) and oftentimes chance or luck make a big difference. In the end it’s trying to predict the future from the past - while a ton of unpredictable things happen (for ex. pandemic, crypto regulation, investors on the other side of the world, whales, etc). It seems much easier to try to see longer term cycles (bear and bull) and invest in quality projects than to predict where a certain asset will go short term. My main thought in this regard is that I personally would not necessarily recommend this as a starting skillset to make money and rather wait until one has some “cash to burn” as it’s always advised to only invest what you can lose comfortably. And with trading that risk is bigger than with investing.

My thought would be to start with something more practical, that brings you cash flow quicker and with less risk, to begin. I believe that for example a lot of small companies (esp. lawyers, dentists, doctors, etc.) do not have a website, but it’s easy to create one for them. Using WordPress, learning how to host a website, I think these things are easy to learn. You then just create and set up the website, register it and put it into the company’s name, etc. Combine this with the HTML and JavaScript courses here in the academy to make them even better, but you can start just using some simple templates and selling the websites for cheap (for ex 100 dollar website, or 67 dollar website, etc.). Then always get endorsements / testimonials from your happy clients.

Also simple things like setting up “Google my business” (which makes a business appear on Google maps) - for dentists, or lawyers or similar small businesses (they earn a lot per client, but need to be found), which most cities have a good number, many of them not on the internet yet (people 40+ often haven’t figured out these things, but may run a successful business). Best to specialise in a few good industries so that you can really show your know how and develop a portfolio. Ideally team up with a person on the outside that can do the contacting and selling part, somebody you can really trust and who comes across as professional, smart, reliable, on the ball. (Quickly coming across as smart and very trustworthy is a great combo, for ex. a niece that likes to study or such.) Then find businesses in the real world, that don’t have these things (website, Google maps entry) and pitch them. I believe this could be a great setup to get things starting and get you some funds for family and your own path. Technical Analysis and investing should be much less emotional and difficult then (I personally found it quite stressful).

Of course maybe all the programming and blockchain courses here might already be a great way to cash flow, at the moment I don’t know enough about how early one can make money with them. But mid- to long-term programming and building skills seem also much less stressful and more dependable for making good money than trading to me. Just my 2 cents, hope it is helpful.

Also: there is a ton of free education out there these days, and you might get your son interested in learning valuable skills.

We can brainstorm more if you want. Thank you for the inspiration, I think you are putting yourself and the people around you on a great track! Much love

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Wow, this is pretty powerful. In a nutshell, if you have a question just ask . This is a very supportive community


Hey Beni! (@Btcblockmaster)

That’s awesome - how’re you getting on with the technical analysis? Maybe the Blockchain Business Masterclass can help you with creating an investment group too? I haven’t done this course yet - I am in the middle of Bitcoin Standard (Only done the first section but WOW was not expecting it to be so fascinating!) before then moving on to the Blockchain Business Masterclass - I hope to become a blockchain consultant for businesses :slight_smile:

Have you heard about Akoin and Akoin City? It’s such a beautiful whitepaper and brings hope for an inspirational future check out the beginning of Africa’s new revolution!

Also I’ve been wondering - do you have an online crypto wallet? I’ve been looking at freelance writing articles about crypto and blockchain as it’s rather well-paid for the specialized knowledge. I understand the justice system doesn’t promote education, however would this be something you can do? And then be paid in crypto to your online wallet? As this would be an entirely online process is there a way the justice system could prevent this?

Obviously it’s not advised to store large amounts of crypto in a hot wallet - you could perhaps insure the account if you’re not able to get access to a hard wallet? Or could this be transferred to your family?

Some writer jobs require already being published online or providing previous articles written about crypto/blockchain… Myself and my partner @jackswango run a website called - sadly we can not offer any payment at this time but we can certainly offer an opportunity for you to be published online and gain some experience should you like to?

Inspirational story aside - your grammar is fantastic (a dying skill) you have a great style of writing and you’re clearly passionate and have education in blockchain and crypto.

Let us know if you’re interested - no pressure and no worries if not, just a thought to get some semi-professional experience in the industry at the moment :slight_smile:


Keep it up Btcblockmaster, and the reality is these development skills such a C programming you mentioned before (an awesome learning background to have) and the other programming languages and tools, are translatable directly to other domains of development, i.e. time very well spent learning these subjects that use common languages and tools.


To have read so many books (so many times) gives an understanding of the industry and technology that not many people have. I’d suggest there is an opportunity to repackage this info (simply write in your own words, add some of your own oppinion, and and come up with a catchy title) to produce an e-book for sale on Amazon. Perhaps with the help of some friends on the outside.

Very soon, blockchain will become well known and there will be a very large market for information delivering of all kinds… including books.

Funds from the book can then, of course, be put into blockchain projects you think will be winners.


Thank you!! I’ve been working on such an idea since 2018​:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: