New blockchain job in < 2 weeks

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d say hi and share my journey so far (or at least this latest step on it) in the hope it may encourage others to take a bit of a leap.

I decided to take Ivan’s advice and look to move my existing skills into the blockchain space.Turns out it’s happened incredibly quickly.

I signed up here on 23rd Jan (my birthday present to myself), found and applied for 2 marketing jobs at cryptocurrency companies the next day and was offered one of them on 5th Feb. 13 days, to be exact. Completed the employment contract yesterday, so just under 3 weeks until it was signed and sealed.

One of the keys was undoubtedly showing existing understanding, active interest and that I’m willing to invest my own time and money in furthering my education. I moved into digital marketing a few years ago the exact same way.

The founder of the company I’m joining echoed Ivan’s sentiment - he said that the crypto space is full of companies who have focused on the tech, suddenly acquired loads of customers and realised that they don’t have the rest of the infrastructure and expertise that businesses need.

I’m not sharing this to be self-congratulatory (well, alright, not JUST for that!). My real points are:

  • There is a huge amount of opportunity in the space already.
  • There’s no substitute for what you can learn on the job full-time surrounded by people who know what they’re doing.
  • If I can do this, so can anyone else.

Cheers everyone, and good luck out there!


Congrats! Let me know if you can get me a job! :wink:

Thanks for sharing and congrats!!

Ha thanks - one thing at a time but you never know!

Thanks, appreciate that. Hope you find similar opportunities!

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Congrats @benj, good motivation for the rest of the community!

Thanks man, that’s the hope!

Actually applied for two crypto jobs at the same time, the second (who I’d given up on) just got back to offer me an initial interview earlier this week.

Too late for me, but if anyone else is interested in a position at Binance then they’re hiring a technical seo role, they just might take 4 weeks to get back to you: