New DeFi projects - discussion

I tried to raise this projects discussion in Defi ecosystem but no one has answered me there yet…
and I decided to open a new topic for discussion Here :star_struck:
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WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THESE Projects? :thinking: :nerd_face:

i found them in the network and think they could be interesting projects for all of us :star_struck:
Please leave comments on what you think about these projects

(the descriptions below were taken from these sites)

1. YFDAI is an entire permissionless DeFi ecosystem that combines Staking & Farming services and soon, Lending/Borrowing services, SafePredict, and Insurance together with their own DEX called SafeSwap and their own LaunchPad where legitimate projects in the DeFi space can launch their new vetted projects with contract audits, locked liquidity and locked dev tokens in time release smart contracts

2. DeFi lending solution from Swiss bankers the vision is to provide the key components of the alternate blockchain-based financial system - the crypto lending/borrowing, the fixed income funds and the integrations.

3. Enabling DeFi through community governance 100% non profit, 100% community runresponsible for handling the community fund treasury according to DAO proposals submitted and voted by LOCK holders

Please leave comments on what you think about these projects!

Thx :innocent:

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thx for the course :+1:

What do you think about these projects?do you had experience with them if i can ask you ? :innocent: :pray: :v:

Hi Dima,

I’m not exactly sure what you want to know about these projects or if you just want to share them with the community. From the three I only know yf-dai, I think it’s a great project. Ivan talked a lot about yf-dai on his daily “good morning crypto” over the past weeks and months. You should check it out if you didn’t already, he is very excited about yf-dai.
I will have a look at the other two you mentioned :).

xx Vanessa


Yes to share and to discuss about them… maybe someone use one of them and can tell about his experience with this projects :innocent:

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