New project! Advice welcome!

I have been doing a Judge Masters Program(Federal)for the last 6 years. As practical studies I look at problematic situations in the world of commerce/law. For the last year, I have been looking into the field of PPE products manufacture and trade. The demand for examination gloves have by far outshined the supply. Here in Thailand, there are a lot of factories that are taking orders for gloves without having the capacity to produce, without even having machinery or even a warehouse! Buyers have been falling for frauds left right and center. One client i met with had paid 50M USD as a T/T deposit, and lost it all. Another bought 4 containers of gloves and found the containers full of recycled(washed) gloves. Orders are being hijacked after leaving port and sent to shore, where packaging is burned and gloves are put into new boxes, and sold on the local markets for double price. The police and military are in on it. There are many cased like this. Fake buyers too are a problem, or fake agents who take deposits from buyers on the premise that they will locate gloves from local factories. Factories have also taken deposits for glove orders, but instead of producing gloves, they have used the money for buying land, factory buildings or machinery. Buyers are still waiting for their orders, but the factory is nowhere to be found.

I was situated in the middle of this as a federal witness. I know people who have been installing machinery and managed production lines for two generations. These people know everything what is going on in the glove factory markets in SE Asia. I am therefore able to verify what is factual and what is fake on behalf of buyers and suppliers.

The only way anyone could possibly get ahold of gloves on a regular basis as a buyer was to secure production lines in existing factories. Securing production lines is practically impossible as they are booked for the next 3-4 years. The other option would be to increase capacity at existing factories, or to set up new factories.

If one wants to set up a new factory, getting machinery would be the next hurdle. The back orders for machinery are as long as for gloves, and if you had machinery, it does not make gloves by itself. For this you need people who have experience and knows how to operate the machinery.

Not many people can chip-in 300M USD to start a glove factory. If you have this kind of credit, how do you find the people needed to realise such a project?

This is where crypto comes in. Not many people buy and sell shares in industry. Crypto market is booming on the other hand. kids are buying and trading crypto! Crowd funding is also a popular investment model where people can buy a product at a discounted price as long as they pay in advance, helping the developer/producer to fund the project and start production.

So… for the safeguarding of all parties involves, we want to setup a factory for producing nitrile examination gloves for hospitals. We have a team of people who have been doing this for over thirty years. We would like to invite investors by holding a ITO, where people can buy our token in order to fund the first production plant. Our first project we plan to set in Kanchanaburi(River Kwai ring a bell?), Thailand. We will need 100M USD to fund the first stage of the project, with 24 x 80 meters production lines. The factory is ready to move in. It is new and clean. We plan to mint our own token on the Hathor network. We will set up a wallet, where people receive their tokens after the first stage of the ITO is complete. By holding tokens you will get profit from every box of gloves that leaves the factory. A hybrid of staking and mining, being paid on release of physical goods. Profits straight to your wallet, 24/7.

I would rather see normal people get the chance to participate and invest in world trade, than some huge investment giant taking exclusivity of it all.

I would like it if my fellow academy members would help me out here. I am reading about ICOs at the moment. All comments are appreciated.