New protocols january 17, 2021

Hello Evbdy,

As new protocols emerge, I would like to discuss whith you, $CORE token.

CORE protocol just starting on September 2020 started as a liquidity provider and reward token tool, but wants to add almost everything that exists in DeFi as far as I know.

So they are offering arbitrage for little users, they want to implement a DEX, options, lending, an all in one place to do all these services together.

Well I don’t understand the arbitrage funcionality, because I’m just starting to learn defi, and seems that CORE want to attract people whith solid financial background to use the protocol once completed, they will see that what they perform on stock marlets, they can find a tool to perform on defi aswell.

If you provided liquidity at liquidity generation events, your money is locked and they are just able to give you back as low as one half of your first deposits, as a way to fight against rug pull. Some user said it’s a copy of hedge fund system in tradFi, look at what this guy says about it :

Right now they do offer a very little APY for liquidity providers, around 3 to 5%, but it seems all about a promising future where these traditional financial players could come to the DeFi space, the rewards just depend on number of transactions.

what do you think of these disadvantages? do you think is a good idea to provide liquidity now, if you do it right now you are able to recover your money if you want to take it back any moment.

that being said, do you think their ideas add value to DeFi?

As far as I can see, they are copying tradFi and one of the developpers has a large trading experience on principal stock markets.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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