Newbie in USA - best exchanges? trading platform? charting software?

Hi! I’ve just gotten started recently and signed up for the full tech academy package…super excited!

  1. US Exchanges - I’ve only bought some BTC and ETH on coinbase. What other US exchanges should I join - specifically for ALT coins or lower fees?

  2. Also, I’m having a hard time finding a good trading platform/charting software that is beginner-friendly and a good place to see ALL crypto? I also want to find one for regular stocks too - yahoo finance is to simple.

Any suggestions would be AWESOME!!

Hi @Octonatty77, hope you are ok.

I’m not a US resident, but I have mention to others students about, apparently their accept US resident to buy with credit/debit cards and investing in different protocols that they offer.

Also the same exchange answer to your second question, i found it very newbie friendly and got a lot of cryptos to invest on, also a lot of tools to get the most of your trading.

Carlos Z

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Thanks Carlos! I signed up for Binance.US - hopefully its the same as the regular site (which isn’t allowed in US for some reason).

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Hi @Octonatty77. Welcome to the Academy! I’m also in the U.S. and using both coinbase and binance. Binance is definitely way better when it comes to fees and availability of coins/tokens.

Regarding the regular site of binance vs. Binance.US, the latter is more strict when it comes to laws and regulations here in the US and there are some coins and features that are also not available in Binance.US. You can check this link for more details:

By the way, you can save at least 25% of the fees if you have a BNB coin.


You can also check out these links to check on almost all cryptos in the market including the latest crypto news. Just explore the page.


I live in the US as well. So far I’ve purchased all of my crypto through Coinbase. Due to their track record of crashing i’ve been doing a lot of research into alternatives.

Thanks to reviews by Digital Asset News I set up accounts with Voyager, Celsius, and Gemini. At first I was leary about the idea of the only option being a phone app for Voyager and Celsius, but I’ve been following Rob/D.A.N. for awhile so I trust and respect what he has to say. You can refer to the link below to see where I got my info:

These are very user friendly.

I also created and account with to have another option handy. Thanks to Dave and Crazy 4 Cryptos I’m also considering opening an account with Caleb And Brown which is a brokerage dealing with transactions of $2000.00 USD or higher.

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That link about the exchanges is amazing - thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome. I spent a ton of time trying to find the best alternatives to coinbase. My next step is looking for a platform to collect interest from that I feel comfortable with. Blockfi was looking really good until I read a review that said the process to withdraw your funds is cumbersome, so I will probably do a little more digging into Celsius and Crypto .com. At first I was excited about Ledger having the capability of lending directly from your wallet, then I found out that it’s mostly stable coin and choices are too limited. It’s still an uphill battle for me to get comfortable with the idea of handing over custody of my funds in order to collect interest.

I purchased some Cardano through the Voyager app to see what it’s like an the experience was great so they certainly get my recommendation.