News article - Paid to find bugs in software

Hi all,

I just read an article on BBC Tech News about White Hat hackers (the good guys) that make money finding bugs in software. Some work for agencies that provide these services for companies.

One of the threats to Crypto/Defi is Smart Contracts and how well they are written, so perhaps bug hunting could be an emerging opportunity in this space.

@ivan @filip @amadeobrands - Perhaps IoT could set up a consulting arm for auditing Smart Contracts (and advice/audits on general security, key management, etc). You’ll got some tech masters in IoT, and I’m sure you know plenty more,
and you’re also building an army of talent here too :grinning:

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I like the idea and would love to see a course on how to check smart contracts for security issues even more in-depth than in the securites course! :+1:

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