Nexo platform for saving

Interested to know if anyone else on the Forum has used Nexo for saving fiat or stable coins? I have decided to dip my toe in and see how well the interest rate of 10% works out. I’ve saved a few nexo tokens in there as they also pay dividends on them.

Anyone else used this platform and can share their experience?

i use it, no problems for the most part, had an issue where i sent a $$$ worth of eth and it never showed up. lost it i guess, other than that no issues. i usually have $$ going in and out. very lttle kyc, im assuming because im not putting large amounts in, but im aware that they do do kyc, im assuming to to folks with large sums.

Nexo is very similar to another company offering similar service in the USA called “Blockfi”.
It seem that Nexo is to Europe as BlockFi is to the USA.

So far my experience with BlockFi has been great. Is a better place to have my money than 0% rate US Banks.

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Im using with no problems till know :crossed_fingers: