Nexus Mutual can cover any smart contract that I want?

Hello Evbdy,

I have a question regarding nexus mutual,

when you want a quote whith Nexus Mutual, there are a few smart contracts predefined but you can also enter a custom address, so here is the question, can Nexus Mutual cover any smart contract which is not predefined? and I would like to know also if there is a different cost of coverage between predefined and not predefined.

Because when they launched the COVER protocol, it seems they are only able to cover protocols whith wich thet get an agreement previously, so that is why I would like to know more about this functionality of entering custom addresses and how it works, and if it is more expensive to cover than predefined or agreed protocols.

thanks for your work @amadeobrands I’m learning a lot and feel grateful for this opportunity.

have a good day.