NFT's Legal Info

Hello Everyone! Hope you’re doing great today!

I just want to know if someone here knows something about the legal issues in the NFT’s side.

I have some friends who in my opinion, they’re great artists, they usually paint in canvas and oleo but with all this NFT’s boom, I had an idea to make profit with them.

I know they don’t know too much about the Crypto world so, i wanted to create a partnership or association whit them. They create the art, send it to me, and I will create the NFT’s for them and manage everything (Don’t know what I have to do but I will do the research). I was thinking to ask something between 10% - 15% from the earnings but, my question is… This is legal? My idea is I’ll be working like kind of a manager or so…

I want to know all the risk about using their art, of course, I’m gonna put their names there and everything needed to make it 100% transparent.

If some of you can help me with extra info, I’ll really appreciate it.

Have a nice day everyone! :smile:

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I am no expert on the topic, but I don’t see any problem there, as long as there is consent about all actions taken. I even think that this is going to be a very usual scenario where you as a developer offer your service to artists and manage NFT’s for them. I think it is a great idea and can create a win-win situation. :partying_face:

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Thanks a lot for taking time to answer! Well, I hope that will be the case :slight_smile: Let’s see how everything evolves in the near future!

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