NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable.This is in contrast to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and many network or utility tokens that are fungible in nature.

The Top 5 NFT Marketplaces

  1. OpenSea
  2. Rarible
  3. Super Rare
  4. Enjin Marketplace
  5. Decentraland

Recently Ivan and his team created very successful Big Boy Pants NFTs on Rarible:

Chat integration for users owning one of the original NFTs is already working!


This week Ivan made a homework assignment to use Rarible in Good Morning Crypto.

I gave it a try last weekend and created an NFT. You can have a look at it, if you want to. This animated GIF only takes 9 seconds.

I combined an animated GIF of a cute girl looking flabbergasted at first and then smiles after a few seconds with two pictures: “Cryptocurrency Hack” and “Funds are safu”.

Actually it is not art, but more than a meme instead.

My intention is to make the crypto community think more about the safety of funds on centralized exchanges. Maybe one shouldn’t be too relaxed, even if the CEO of the exchange claims that “your funds are safu!”.

Here is the link:


It took me quite some hours to do the morphing sequences and I also had some trouble in reducing the size of the file, while conserving the quality and resolution of the frames. And the uploads at didn’t work properly for a few hours last weekend, but finally it worked.

Please send me your feedback about my small project.



great to hear this . want to learn more on how to profit from NFTs.
can i get some direct conversation with you you on this for clarity

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Hello crypto-lion,

to submit a new NFT is not a very complicated thing, if you are used to MetaMask.

This article explains how to submit an NFT: How to make money with NFTs

But there are many creators out there and it is very likely to end up selling nothing at all, if you don’t have a name in this community. If you look at the top two gainers you will find that each of these creators made more than 400 ETH in the last 30 days. But you will also find that these creators created a bunch of different NFTs. Furthermore they receive a premium in case of a resell of an NFT to another buyer.

Ivan and his team also made more than 200 ETH in the last 30 days by submitting two different NFTs.

But am I telling you now that you can make 200 ETH by submitting only two NFTs?

Ivan has about 263 000 followers on Youtube at the moment, so he is quite well-known in the crypto-community. He pointed out in his show that NFTs are not about the pictures, but about the ownership of these non-fungible tokens. The term “Big Boy Pants” had been invented by himself long ago and it is also used by other Youtubers in the crypto-community. If you are watching “Good Morning Crypto” for a few days you will also know what the meaning of the term “Big Boy Pants” is. So the success of the two “Big Boy Pants” NFTs is due to the awareness level and respect to Ivan in the crypto-community. So Ivan used these NFTs to monetize all his consistent and hard work in the community during the NFT hype.

So if a nobody without any reputation creates one or two overpriced NFTs, you can imagine that you won’t be as successful. I don’t want to discourage you. You should give it a try. But don’t expect too much of it.

At the moment volume of NFTs is decreasing since all eyes are on Bitcoin now. But this may change when NFTs will get some more use cases like real estate, insurance policies and financial products. This will take NFTs to another level!

If you want to be successful with NFTs you will have to create innovative art over a longer period of time to get a good reputation in the community. Otherwise people will know that you are only in for the money!

However you never know. Maybe someday somebody will like your unique kind of art and you will start to gain some bucks for it.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards



Id love to overview the code for the Big Boy NFT, can someone link the GitHub page? having trouble finding it.


Hello torrentseedleach,

you should first get the address of the smart contract on Rarible and the look it up at Just click on a “Big Boy Pants” NFT, copy the ETH address to Etherscan and have a look at the contract tab.

Big Boy Pants

However there is nothing special about the “Big Boy Pants” contract, because this is simply a standard smart contract for NFTs. Rarible adds another layer to the standard NFT contracts to add the market functionality.

But Ivan is not pleased about the fact that the search function of Rarible brings up a bunch of other NFTs instead of the original “Big Boy Pants”. So he decided to launch his own NFT market to prevent that his fans buy scam copies of the original “Big Boy Pants” NFTs.

Best regards



Hi Ouzo69,
what type of software did the creator of Big Boy Pants & Big Strong Guy use to make the aforementioned NFT’s?

Kind regards,

It would be cool to see an academy certification as an NFT

Hello BigStrongDude,

you can use any software for creating animated gifs to create an NFT. You can only upload JPG, PNG and GIF files on Rarible. The artwork look dynamic for the most part, because often animated GIFs are uploaded. I just created a new NFT this night by using a picture, inverting the different colour channels to create colored versions of this black and white picture. Then I used a software called “FotoMorph” in order to create transitions between the different pictures I created. You can have a look at it by clicking the link:

1920s Fashion – Illusion Stockings

At last I saved the animation to an AVI file. This video format can be transformed to an animated GIF at the following website:

While creating animations with many frames you often face the problem that the file size of your creation is too large. Rarible only accepts pictures with a file size of up to 10 MB. In order to match this condition I had to decrease the resolution of all the frames in the animation. It is also possible to reduce the size of each frame by using compression, but sometimes you will face the problem that part of the frames will flicker. To prevent flickering I reduced the resolution of the frames to convert a 25 MB animated GIF to a file size below 10 MB.

Please be aware of the fact that you will have to pay some fees for the smart contract to create an NFT. In my case I paid about 2,50 USD in ETH.

Maybe you can ask the Ivan on Tech support team about the software they used to create the “Big Boy Pants” NFTs.

Best regards



Hi Ouzo69,

I asked them and they sent me here. Thank you for the reply it was helpful.

All the Best,

Hi BigStrongDude,

actually you can use all kind of software. In my newest NFT I used Scratch to program a simulation including the top 6 fiat currencies by market volume and Bitcoin.

I had the idea when Ivan was talking about Spreading the Bitcoin Virus on the show. You can have a look at my project and leave a like if you want to.

So first I had to do some programming work in Scratch in order to get the different fiat currencies moving around. After some time Bitcoin appears on the screen and “infects” the fiat currencies, turning them into Bitcoin. Then I had a lot of cycles through the simulation until I found a progression I liked. The infection process is calculated by a probability, which increases by time.

I used Camtasia Studio to do the screen recording and created an MP4 file at first. After that I used Ezgif to convert the video file into an animated GIF. During this process I had to reduce the resolution of this video to meet the requirement of the maximum file size of 10MB.

This took me quite a few hours to prepare everything, but I also had a lot of fun doing it.

Ivan has a guy drawing the pictures for his NFTs in the team. Each picture is drawn and changed slightly to get the animation effect. But it seems that the number of frames is manageable.

All the Best,