Nice to Meet you. I am MobiuSmart

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My name is Jeremiah

I’m an Innovator and Dreamer whose mission is to create a platform based on a concept I had after doing what amounted to a Doctoral thesis on Waste and the Waste Trade. I need to reprogram the World Linear Economic System - which is the underbelly of all that’s wrong with the world, from climate change to wealth inequality. All that lies in-between, against itself, to convert it to circularity.

Incentivize convenience.

I’m here to learn the knowledge needed, to both program the technology to disrupt the disruptors and create the algorithm I created on paper, that pays people to reduce waste.

In short, I work, constantly, playing chess with the hidden order, what’s been creating this system for 100’s of years - and kick their ass.

I am MobiuSmart.

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