Noob Question: Sweep Paperwallet to Cold Storage

Hello Bitcoin Guru’s,

I have an old Bitcoin Legacy Single-Paper wallet printed some time ago via I want to transfer it to my Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet.
Reading up on the matter it is said that it is safer to sweep your Public address and Private key into a mobile wallet instead of importing it.
As mobile wallet the Coinomi wallet comes recommended, so I did, but it only has a import option and no sweeping option.
Now I’m not convinced to scan my paper wallet into the mobile wallet and forward it to my hardware wallet.

Is there anybody who ran into this problem and solved it?
Any recommendations for a “safe” mobile wallet with BTC Legacy sweeping function?

Any lead would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance, Dutch

Ps. I’ve reached out to Ledger several times but without success.

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Hey @Dutch, hope you are well.

Now to migrate the funds of a paper wallet to a ledger for example, you will basically need to do a transfer, from your paper wallet to one of your ledger addresses.

First you need to import your paper wallet private key into a software wallet (I suggest: exodus wallet), then after you successfully imported you can just send your funds to your ledger address.

Advice: Please do not send all of your founds at once, always do a test transaction before moving all of the funds. :nerd_face:

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.


Hi Carlos,

Thank you for your advise, it worked perfectly with Exodus wallet.!!
Safely stored those old funds into my ledger.
Much appreciated.!