Not sure if i should continue

Hi All,

I am just wanting to share my thoughts at the moment, im really confused and concerned if i should continue. I want to learn programming and am in the middle of the Javascript course.

I have been really enjoying it, but when i reached the exercises to do on your own i was completely lost. I went and read the code for the fizzbuzz answer and i can understand what its doing but i had no hope of working that out myself, not a chance!

makes me wonder if im capable of doing this.

Regards Lincoln


Coding is hard, and while some scoff at the idea, there is a well known “impostor syndrome” associated with learning and becoming proficient in coding. You feel like you aren’t capable and don’t belong, it is just because is can be difficult! You really have to train your mind to begin working in strange new ways that aren’t exactly natural for everyone.

I think many people have experienced that feeling at some point. One way I have learned to struggle on that plateau and not give up is to take breaks, and make try to have fun. You won’t learn it all in a day, and you can fail most heinously, right up until you don’t and it works. :sunny:

Send me a message if you’d like some strategies and ideas! Cheers


Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it, I’ve had a break for a few hours and I want to achieve this so I’m not giving up.

I would love any tips on ways to get a better understanding of coding.

I am thinking it would be great to have some sort of reference, not answers but say you have a problem and you know what needs to be done but not the actual code. You could refer to the reference and search “creating lists with calculations” probably a bad example but you get my point.

Thanks again.


It can be difficult when you’re learning new things… Hang in there, I’m sure you will work it out!

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Thanks Agnie,

Yeah im feeling better about it and taking a different approach in , every exercise that i do in the course im making a file i can refer back to that has the code with notes explaining whats happening.

Thanks for the encouragement.


I hit the same roadblock as you in exactly the same place & still haven’t got thru it. What I have done is moved to study another module (DEFI) & will come back to the one I’m stuck on with a new mindset. Best of luck Bro, keep at it.


Yeah ive just pushed through and will finish the JS course then do defi, then i will come back and tackle it again. I might even do another JS course outside the academy just to try and cement the learnings.


Keep going and have confidence in yourself! I have not gotten even close to you in courses, but, there seems to be excellent support, so don’t give, up! I’m sure you’ll be happy you kept going, forward!!


Seems like you had handed over but I would like to reply to your very early post. It is definately not easy but can be fun too. It is how you see it. Programming is not a key quickly opens revenue faucet but a tool requires a bit focus to setup to get end to what you dreamed of. Sometimes it is better only to understand prog.languages a bit and later give it to a coding enthusiast engineer to make it working for you. But haven’t u ever tried to look at a screen like in the tech movies and wanted to be solving very complex things about life out of hacking something? It is fun to stay in creativity and making something, even though, new era brings a lot of revenue out of fintech and programming, you came a long very well until here, organize yourself with a new dopamine diet and take it only with its enjoyable way.

I hope your expectations would gets realised eventually.


You are not alone on this . I have felt the same way . I felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything for awhile . Taking a break for awhile does help To give your brain a break . I also went and did the bitcoin standard course simultaneously to help because I already knew a lot of the information and it was fun . It helped to have a little distraction from the JavaScript. . Good luck

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That is normal. Those type of questions are meant to be in interviews. You get more lost before you think you get it. Stay with it. I don’t think Javascript is really my skill, but node.js makes it easier. Also a lot of open source code helps cut down real life programming…but I do resonate with solidity a lot more than Javascript. I am retaking all courses bc I haven’t done it in a while.

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In my case it sometimes took several days to flex my brains around a problem, don’t give up you will feel tremendous once you succeeded!!

Sorry to say, but I was happy to hear that I am not the only one stuck in this quagmire of programming failure and uncertainty. Any help, direction, encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am 61 and starting to learn programming for the first time. They tell me that it is never too late to do anything - perhaps that was before they invented Javascript!!!
I am taking a break fr a while but plan to soldier on…
:grinning: :grinning: :sweat_smile:


Thanks for all the positive responses, its such a great community here. Im definitely going to stick with it, this week has been hectic at home so its forced me to have a break from studying, i feel its been good though, im pumped and ready to get stuck back in from Monday.


Hi, I’ve been a programmer for 30 years. Here’s what I do on a daily basis to get code to run. I look it up on the internet. Copy and past it into my code, then fix it to work for my situation. So, look up what ever the situation you need and jack with it until it works.

OR copy the answer in AFTER you understand what it’s doing. Don’t expect to know everything…ever.


thank god I am not the only one, I too have no idea on the technical side of coding and certain aspects of blockchain, I know I will be revisiting some of the topics as they all come together in order to plan create and develop a use case in the block chain space, I am spending 6 hours a day studying as I am here in isolation since the government in Melbourne forced us out of work.
so what better time as Ivan says to go full time crypto.
I have many Ideas but that is where it stops as I have no idea how to implement them yet