Notebook - first project


As my first project in the Academy, I chose to make a notebook.
Here it is on GitHub:

The main problem at the moment is saving. The only way is the browser’s Save As function which is not pretty. As I won’t host it on a server for now, it would be nice if user could save the work in a file.
I looked for solutions and found some for saving form input in a neat, structured .txt file. However, in my case, I rather need to save not the form, as that would be already cleared, but the table below it.
Then, and here it gets more tricky, I need the webpage to read data from the file and assemble it back as it was, when user opens the page again.

I would like to hear your ideas on this. I am open to any feedback :smile:

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Greetings @MarcisB! I cloned this project and checked it out. This is amazing! :smile: You even took your time to handle the edge cases of the user not entering any text. As developers, the most useful skill is to have is to put ourselves in the user’s shoes. This is a sign of an experienced developer, to be honest.

I hope you continue this enthusiasm for creating more projects.

One idea for storing user inputs is to use JSON. You could write code to pick up that JSON file and convert it into a javascript array and then populate the HTML as ordered. It’s just a rough idea of what you can do without a server. Feel free to find your own method and let us know :smiley:

@thecil, Could you give your inputs as well ?

Happy Learning! :slight_smile:

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