Older Flash Design , programming and XML

I formerly developed flash website , with flash adobe or swish,
Is it possible to embedded blockchain code into that ?
Flash and XML and also some java scripting,

I know flash isn’t much used anymore because of compatiblity
But it is a great web development tool and i think , it could have a new future,

What do you think ?

The smart contract language on Ethereum is called Solidity and it’s very similar to javascript. But "at the end of the day"™ it all comes down to API calls. Once a smart contract is built and deployed to the blockchain it’s not that different than any other API- you just send requests to it’s functions. Tooling is very early stage right now, but eventually there will be ready made libraries and components that can be used with very little programming or blockchain knowledge, just like existing web tools today. But for now you need to know how to code to build anything significant with blockchain. I’d highly recommend learning how to code.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place to get started!