Outcome November hardfork

Hi guys

I’m fairly new to Cryptocurrency’s. Haven’t invested much, yet, mainly been reading and since discovering Ivan on YouTube been watching his video’s. I understand Ivan stands behind Bitcoin core and makes a good point.
Bitcoin is rising like crazy and I feel a lot of FOMO, but I am unwilling to put much money into Bitcoin at the moment, because it’s just crazy.

What do you guys think about this opinion here? https://www.yours.org/content/predicting-the-outcome-of-the-november-bitcoin-fork-89914ce0e1f5/

I know BHC is a Bitcoin fork from last August, but why could it become ‘the real Bitcoin’? Is the guy writing this being biased or has he got a point?

Thanks for the input!

Forget Bitcoin until its all sorted if you are worried. Get into Litecoin, Etherum, Neo and Omg.

Is that what you’re doing?
I don’t own much mbct at the moment, but the little I have I bought at € 6.100/btc, so maybe not the best timing to get my feet wet :slight_smile:.
I also bought some altcoins for the same modest amount, but they are dragged into this civil war just as wel, no?

Bitcoin price will continue to grow, until the 16th of November. On that date a hard fork is going to happen, and the vast majority of the investors are HODLing their BTC, because after the fork they will get the same amount of BTC, in B2X (Bitcoin segwit2x). Currently, trading at ~$1600 ( https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/segwit2x/ ). If for example one has 10 BTC, after the fork he will have 10 BTC and 10 B2X.

I cant predict how high the price will go before the fork, but i think it is a little bit too late now. I am expecting the price to drop after the situation settles down. But this is just me. I am not giving any financial advice

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Hey kurtis,

i’m struggling with the same. bought in at 3500, lucky me. but friends want to join i ask me about it, and it’s really hard to tell. but i guess i agree, that the price will come down again. i mean, there is a lot of uncertainty about which bitcoin is going to be the eal one, there is a lot of hatred and stuff going on, it might cause some big drops for bitcoin. specially after rumours of b2x seems to be supported big time by some bankers (watch the arcane bear on youtube). I guess ppt and omg are two really good altcoins to buy now for insanly cheap prices.

Hodl I guess is a good thing to do right now and prepare for a possible crazy storm :slight_smile:

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PPT? Hadn’t heard of that one yet.

PPT is a really interesting token. I’m not gonna try to explain it too much, I might make too many mistakes (I am a swiss teacher, no idea about finances and smart contract invoice platfrom thingies)… But anyhow: when listening to the CEO and clif high on youtube, it made a lot of sence, even though it is super hard to follow… But it basically cuts out the banks. When a company needs a loan, they normally have to go to the bank. Because they don’t sell there products right away (has to go to the stores etc), but they need money this month to pay their employees and costs, they need a loan (invoice?). The bank gives it, but with interest. PPT seems to cut the banks out, by reaching to companies before they are aware of the fact that they need a loan soon. Something like that.
I really reccomend watching this interview. Oncew banks start failing, lots of companies might jump over to this…

Yeah, the problem is that far too many sound interesting and I (a Belgian civil servant) don’t have the knowhow to make a good judgment.
I follow these guys a bit when it comes to Cryptocurrency’s other than BTC, that is until I feel sure enough to form my own opinion: http://bluemagic.info/blog/weekly-report/

Oh man, same for me. But there is two good upsides: you can get information from companies with their products, most of them are very willing to explain it and help. And this market is just about to become big. so even shit coins are raising millions of dollars before going down. So I think, in the long term, if the coin or token you invest is decent and legit, they might gain some value over the next years. But I totally feel the same bro… just a little bit overwhelmed. here s the thing: Nobody knows where this market and technology might lead us, but it is defenitely an opportunity for humans to make a difference, become financially independent. I guess it us all, as a community, sticking together help each other and clean this mess on this planet. :smiley:

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The way Bitcoin is consuming electricity won’t do the planet much good :grinning:
But yeah, I like the idealism and wish I was the kind of person that could place these ideals above my own greed :joy:

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Forget about trying to time the market. Buy small amounts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that you’re interested in on a weekly basis. This coming fork may mean huge profits, or it may spark a sell-off right after the fork. Who knows? A lot of people will say that they knew after the fact, but they don’t know now.

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True enough, planning to do so, but waiting until after the fork anyway. This seems like a good thing for the true btc though, as far as I can tell it means sx2 will probably fail: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/7bbeg3/proof_more_than_90_of_s2x_nodes_are_amazon_aws/

Very happy that sx2 got cancelled, didn’t like that tension. To celibrate, I just bought some mbtc, no matter what the price is :wink:

Lets get a beer together! On segwit and on the community

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Well, I guess this guy ( https://www.yours.org/content/predicting-the-outcome-of-the-november-bitcoin-fork-89914ce0e1f5) had some inside information, because BCH is soaring while BTC and ALTS are getting a punch.
Any advice for a noob with not BCH, only (expensive) BTC and some alts? Sit out the storm?

Good questions, thanks for asking that. I feel the same about all this…
I guess it is really hard to tell. I mean, there is so much hate and misleading informaiton in the Bitcoin community. I watched the video of Mr. Heart and Mr. Ver talking, and even though they are really smart, it feels they can’t exist next to each other. Ver had to face some shit from the core community. I myself hope they can exist next each other and stop fighting all the time. BCH is way easier and cheaper to use, so it might be more popular for mass adoption. Where as BTC might just become a status, a nice thing to have in your portfolio. And I could see the core team going against Bitcoin Cash, cause it takes money out of BTC. Bix says, go get LTC, it might profit from this fight… :smiley:

But I guess in the end it is certainly not bad, to sit on your BTC. I do. And I don’t have any BCH, might buy a little, but not on its all time high. Sitting on your alts I’d say is certainly a good idea for long term holds. once this all settles a bit, the alts with serious potential and concepts and a sound team will be worth more.
We are still maybe the first early adopters, so it is still wild waters… I guess it is really difficult to know what exactly is the best decision. Lets see what other people say to this questions.