Paragon- Thoughts on

Any thoughts on this hyped green coin? Its getting a lot of “buzz” lately. Do you think its all smoke?

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Being from Oregon where this is all legal, I can tell you that big business is buying up raw land and starting massive industrial sized pot growing farms. The profits and tax revenues from these enterprises is huge. I even saw a legitimate limited partnership proposal from a venture capitalist friend of mine for funding a huge operation in Nevada. The big boys are all in and I wouldn’t be surprised if Big Pharma gets involved as well. This market is going to be big. I looked at POT coin but it is merely a means to pay for the stuff at a dispensary. As of now, ONLY cash can be used to pay for legal transactions so in some respects, the POT coin can’t legally be used.

Paragon wants to standardize the industry and with blockchain technology, create a transparency in the origins, quality, transportation and marketing of pot. They want to integrate the physicians prescribing it with the patients who need it. Imagine scanning a QR code on a brand of pot at a dispensary and seeing where the item was grown, how it was grown, tested and transported to market. I think they have a good plan.
I bought in at the pre-ICO for a few ETH.