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Very interesting and helpful post. If you need a blockchain project manager in Boston, I’m here for you :slight_smile:

Finally I got a section there I feel very comfortable, project magement! I’m certified PMP since 1998 which I’m proud of. Pretty hard precertification process every third year.

I think you can summarize project management to be 80 % communication which is pretty much what you are talking about as well.

Please let me contribute in your academy education in the field of project management knowledge areas:

  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Human Resource Management
  • Project Communications Management

I think the hardest of the mentioned things in the lesson is to delegate. Futher than the reasons Ivan mentioned, you have to fight against yourself to delegate. You don’t want to act to hired people as they were slaves, but also you cannot expect they knew what to do without your arrangments. If you know them well maybe you fear to act as their boss. If you don’t know them well you cannot use at the best of their potential. Yes to delegate is really a hard matter.

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Interesting concept and position to be at in order to help community experience something new and improve their lives. I have completed a course on project management a while ago and facilitate a community gathering to host our national team night out. Great experience to get a team of friends to work with and discuss cost and place to host the event and date. Leverage others time and delegate tasks so that free up time to work on other areas to help achieve the goal of making it happen and have fun while the budget is under control. :smiley:

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I think it is important a hinted at in the course video that even though i project is successfully launched, the human resources do not end up just feeling used by the organisation but in addition to a sense of project achievement also a sense of appreciated contribution and cordiality. I have often noticed the last two components missing. This unfortunately tends to lead to companies not being able to retain quality talent e.g. because someone times wants to overly establish the “I am the boss” mentality where as if the boss merely added appropriate value he would be given acknowledgement while other are also acknowledged for their contributions.

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Hello Ivan, a very interesting video. In my experience there are plenty of people in the space who say they are capable of doing the job, or are just delusional and just think they can do it, or think they can learn to do it as they go along.
I totally agree that verification is key.
I have had some good experiences and some not so good.
I joined the academy because I need to develop some projects.
So far, I have found the following issues in the space:

  1. Developers who understand coding but don’t seem to be able to understand creative ideas - I realised that this is a big issue in the world of IT!
  2. Creative ideas people who can’t communicate with developers!
  3. Delusional people who think they can develop a project but actually don’t know what they are doing - but guess what - they want you to pay a lot of money up front - seriously avoid these people, especially if they keep disappearing for a fortnight before they answer your communication!
  4. People who post something totally unsuitable on your site such as a picture with a strong political message (likely to cause all sorts of problems) on a site that is intended for selling kiddies toys and will be looked at by their parents - yes, unbelievably this did happen!
    Yes, fire them - don’t let them waste your time and energy or money - life is too short! plenty of good people who are very capable, so cut the fat and get rid of the time-wasters.
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Hello Ivan,
This section on opportunities and tools is very interesting, especially the part where you say that your employees need to feel that they are being offered growth and opportunities. You say that your employees need to feel that they have so many opportunities that it’s mind blowing, and also it’s important that they feel great about the opportunities that they are getting, and that they are gaining a lot by working for the company, then they will stay and do great work, and be proud of what they do.
Bear in mind that just paying them a lot of money doesn’t make employees happy, they need to feel that the company has a phenomenal reputation so that they feel proud to be working on the project, and they feel the benefits - in all, this is about branding with a capital B, moreover, this model can be applied to almost any project, whether it is a business, a charitable organisation or an educational platform - It is key to understand what your individual employees are striving for and what their goals are in life. Very nice way to think about it. :-))

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yes, delegation is a very challenging thing to learn as a business owner.
as my father used to say: “hire people to do the job at least to 70% of the way you would do it. The other 30% you can add after they’ve done their part, or train them or someone else to do that extra 30%.”