Personal Money Manager / Bookkeeper Bot

Hi guys!
I have become very curious in Financial Literacy & about how many people are actually doing their personal financial bookkeeping.
I stumbled across a article written by a financial columnist & I am quite shocked that about 70% Americans are struggling to even have $1000 saved for rainy days.
I hope the rest of the world isn’t doing that badly in keeping their finances in check.

That got me thinking: How many people are actually doing the financial bookkeeping record?
So I’m doing research for the development of a Personal Finance Tracker bot/dapp for the lazies like me down the road.

I would like you guys to participate with me in finding out how we in the crypto community are doing in personal bookkeeping.
So I created a poll down below for us to start with. Let me know honestly which of these choices you are in (don’t worry, totally anonymous & no strings/judgements attached. :grin: )
Choose which one reflects you the most.

  • I keep very detailed personal records (manual/auto) of every transactions. I can tell you my finances in detail from front to back (from memory/apps), well within $0.01 accuracy.
  • I just have a rough personal record of how much money I have & where it went (from memory/apps), well within 80% accuracy.
  • I don’t keep personal records, but I can remember roughly my finances & where 80% of my money went to within 60% accuracy.
  • I don’t keep a personal record, but I’ll just use my bank account & bank app just to tell me how much money I still have left & where 50% of my money were spent.
  • I don’t keep records & I only have a rough idea of where 30% of my money went.

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I plan to share my learning journey with you guys in developing the personal finance tracker autobot/dapp & get more inputs from you guys.

& Thanks for voting!

Hi Zann

I have tried several Trackers ALL have oddities and only partially do it for me, I am OK with singularly inputting in the data, but do find problems with the ones Ive tried … Guy at Coin Bureau sums some up very well. I do like Delta Pro but it doesn’t allow certain new coin …and so we continue.

So Zann if you do find something that ‘cuts it’ please shout.
I do think the technical requirements of these Crypto trackers is not explained enough or is so ambiguous there is little clarity when setting-up.
I have had little joy with ledger too - sadly as its a great product for the job I bought it for (storage) but I can’t get it to hook up with Delta or others