Polkastarter how-to?

Can someone tell me how to participate in Polkastarter?. I was trying to get in on the Exeed thing today but my address is not whitelisted…

Do I have to do something on Uniswap first ?


(ya good question )>Ivan was talking about that on youtube yesterday or today lol different time zones …will wait for answers but i think it’s straight forward.


Were you able to get Polkastarter set up? I can’t get past ‘Connect Wallet’ on the homepage. The link doesn’t do anything for me, and I’ve tried several devices, browsers, and networks with same results. Any idea what I might be missing?

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I have the exact same issue. “Connect Wallet” does nothing.

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Hey guys, what wallets are you using. Metamask seems to work fine?

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Hey, I just had the same issue. Did you figure out how to whitelist your address and would like to share how to?

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no idea how to join the party either.

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Use metamask and a safe browser like Brave

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When I try to join a pool on Polkastarter I get a 1020 error :frowning:

OK im still a noob but i have also been trying to get whitelisted.
there are prerequisites to get whitelisted there are links in their twitter somewhere.
i couldnt afford to hold 3/5000pols+ in my wallet which is one of the prerequisites for whitelisting but i did manage to stake some liquidity, as i read a link that said if i held 1 eth of pols and 1 e/weth for 30 days its possible to get whitelisted afterwards. i did fill in the whitelist form but my staked liquidity hasnt been for 30days yet so my process is still in the waiting. if i do manage to work how to whitelist ill be sure to update.

Hi all,

My understanding is that being accepted for whitelisting is only once you’ve provided liquidity for 30 days. Each Polkstarter IDO will require you to fill in the whitelisting form and other things like tweet to show interest in that IDO. Hope that helps. If anyone knows differently, then please share.

From my understanding, anyone can register for the whitelists for upcoming IDO’s. Polkastarter has 2 pools (Public Pool & POLS Pool) for each IDO. The public is accessible to anyone who successfully completes the whitelist requirements and is chosen in the lottery. POLS pool is for people who have held 3k pols for more than 7 days / met the uniswap staking requirements for 30 days - before also being subject to lottery draw.

This provides a clear utility for the token, but given the limited allocation for each IDO and the exceptional interest in the projects it seems as if the chances of being successful are low in both pools.

I have over 3k pols, and i’ve registered for the 5 current IDO’s to hopefully be whitelisted. Given POLS recent upsurge in price, I will be interested to see if there is practical value/utility in holding the coin in terms of getting access to the IDO’s as opposed to taking profits.

Will report back as whether I get whitelisted for any

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This was helpful. Can’t imagine having 3k pols would be worth it as there are many opportunities out there in mutiple chains with multiple token staking opportunities with low minimum holding to zero minimum. I believe what Ivan says about getting in early but what’s really the difference when you can stake diversively with lower risk and get in on promising projects anyway post launch and post bot pump and dump?

I would use MetaMask. I am not positive but I am about to attempt same thing. MetaMask has made my life easier I feel like rather than other options when getting on open sea ect

I was actually whitelisted for 2/7 projects in the POLS pool so far. I was fortunate enough to average into pols between $0.60-$1.10 so accumulating the 3k was easier and less expensive then. Although the IDO’s have performed profitably and covered my investment - 3k pols now seems a lot riskier as even with the investment required, the pools are becoming more subscribed so r/r diminishing.

I’m looking at other launchpad projects, as it would definitely be worth getting into any similar projects early. Some more launchpads i’m looking at:

Yf-dai - currently staking 0.5 yfdai following news of launchpad

Mantra Dao (OM) - Launchpad looks promising, still relative cost from others

PAID and SWAP feels like i’ve missed the boat on, and ensuring likely/guaranteed allocation is too expensive for me now (r/r too low)


I think Ivan recently posted a video two days ago too. He mentioned xDai and Honeyswap in particular. I’m in on SWAP and PAID. I think they both still have plenty of running room…we shall see.


I’ll take a look at xDai and Honeyswap in more detail.

Definitely agree SWAP and PAID have much more room to grow, I’m just not sure if the 4k SWAP or the 3k PAID are viable for me now considering the cost and how much they’ve ran already.

Would be interested to hear if any of these work well for you!

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