Prerequisites for the course

Hi @ivan and @filip

The prerequisite for the trading course is the “smart contracts” course. There is no course called like that.
Im assuming it is the course “Javascript Programming for Blockchain Developers”?
Does that course have any other requirements?


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Things are a little bit different now due to a new website that was made a couple of weeks ago. You would want to finish anything under this link:
I do however assume that only Javascript and C++ courses would be enough to follow the trading course but you can still do ETH and EOS if you want to. I personally don’t think I will be doing EOS. Hope that helps you out.

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Thanks, we will update the lecture :slight_smile: @Mauro is correct that it would be a good idea to take the Javascript course in order to follow along better in the trading course.


Glad to see the recent improvements of the academy. You guys rock. I wish I could work one day with you guys. :smiley:

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