PRIA - The ultimate Deflationary Protocol

In what is probably the fairest launch I have seen on uniswap since Cvualt (CORE) another token has also successfully launched on uniswap.

PRIA is a fully automated and decentralized digital asset that implements and manages a perpetual ultra-deflationary monetary policy favourable to inflation arbitrage by market participants.

In laymen terms this is a swing traders token that has been born right out of the elastic supply experiments of Ampleforth and RMPL. These types of game theory based deflationary protocols are, in my mind, a new pillar in the Defi space.

This is supported by the projects goals as stated:

PRIA is an ERC20 token that is exploring beyond the concepts of hyper-deflation. As such, PRIA follows an unprecedented ultra-deflationary monetary policy that is fully automated. Macro contractions and expansions are fully dictated by the smart contract and trading volume. This monetary policy seeks to create an environment where inflation arbitrage is made accessible to all market participants.

The model is already a working success and is only a matter of time before this really takes off. Especially when you read about how this project is designed.

Everything that you need to know is right on the main page of the website and the Dev is active in Telegram and can answer any questions.


I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in elastic supply and game theory arbitrage tokens to look at this one.

Cheers until next time