Prisoner of my own Geonet, how to participate as a crypto investor worldwide?

My crypto flight has been hitting turbulence.

Geo restrictions, lawmakers, and regulators are making this so bad that it is preventing me from utilizing some of the cutting edge tools and opportunities with some of the cutting edge crypto tokens. To the point that I am forced to use VPNs.

Sometimes even VPNs do not fool the over seerers, when I attempted to obtain Swissborg application to look into some investment opportunity I was met with this:

It required Android v6.0, I always have my Android updated (I know it is at v8.0), so it is a compatible device, just not a compatible country, the land of the free and the home of the brave, or so the theory goes.

I don’t have a choice at the moment to free myself from these shackles, but I certainly do not want my crypto and my crypto holdings and opportunities to invest shackled with me. Has anyone considered a method to autonomously decouple themselves from their crypto holdings and investments while retaining exclusive control of their crypto holdings and investments?

To avoid the dreaded tango of geo blocking, tyrants, and taxes…


This is depressing, I see you live in the US too. Bookmarking this in hopes there are some good replies.

Also a US Citizen and I too keep hitting these walls. Very frustrating. I would like to explore the idea of a completely decentralized company (using Ethereum, Web-RPC and IPFS) but do not yet see how to create something that does not end up with me in front of a judge. Not sure if, at this time, non crypto people would view a decentralized entity, with no ties to any sovereign county, as anything other than a criminal enterprise. This still would not relive you from the requirement to declare income or capital gains.