Provenance Homework

  1. How does blockchain enable digital provenance?
    The lesson described putting items on the blockchain like etching in stone. Architecture of a provenance is collected as an intact immutable record on the ledger.
  2. Why doesn’t a normal database bring the same provenance?
    From beginning to end, information or ingredients cannot be audited for validity or delivery without delay and loss. Normal databases maintain individual checks and hold information private. The data or product can be altered, contaminated or counterfeited.
  3. Why is digital provenance such a great benefit to many businesses?
    Businesses will perform more efficiently. They will save time and money. Seamless transactions are more possible from concept to finalization. Assurance via blockchain can be confirmed from start to finish. Any infarction throughout the process can be identified quicker than using a normal database. Corruption will be easier to identify. Blockchain development will help enable a level playing field.
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  1. You cannot remove data from a blockchain. This makes things traceable and more secure overall.
  2. On a regular database you can edit or remove information. Higher chance of fraudulent behavior.
  3. Provenance is a benefit for businesses because it is trustless, it removes the middle man so to say.
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