Proving worth as founding member in ICO (developer)

I know you are a busy dude, but if you find the time it would be cool to have your take on this @ivan
No worries it is isn’t in a video, but it would be crazy cool if it was :slight_smile:

I have a startup offer but one of their main questions is “Couldn’t we just make our own basic token with something like Token Factory and then bring on a dev later?” I am not sure how to address this and defend my worth in the early stages.

What is your take on Token Factory and services like them? Could a basic token from this service later be modified for enhanced functionality? Even if Token Factory offers scalable tokens, is the risk assessment worth it for a well funded ICO? (eg: risk of built in malicious code from Token Factory or others like them, that drains accounts after huge round of funding). In short, I am basically in an interview and need to know how to address the “outsource” alternatives and how to prove that I am worthy of “founding member”, rather than coming on later after the token sale. Any information in regards to “quick token” services not being ideal would be great as I could pitch myself towards their risk mitigation strategies.



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Hey man, I think it depends o what the token is used for. I haven’t used Token Factory myself. But I have a hard time seeing how such a service would be able to generate a tailored token needed for a specific application. :slight_smile:


Wow an ICO company that can’t even code its own token seems like it would be doomed to fail. If you end up working for them, I hope you’re paid in cash rather than tokens.


I have a website launching soon and was praying and hoping to share with you Ivan and if you feels it is pointless and trash I would like to know, or if maybe this concept I have created could show merit and possibility into the public space for humanitarian aid efforts, through a tokenized non profit program.


That’s what this forum is for, feel free to provide a link and forum members will provide you with their honest feedback.

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Currently finishing up the build and addressing SEC directly for securities release. Thank you for your kind words iwan.spillebean.

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Highly recommend researching this option for new coins -

I’m not aware of any alternative offering anywhere near a similar level of security and developer freedom.