Public and private key

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I have a doubt about the private key. Is it the random words given to you (Seed phrased called) when you get a wallet? Are those words the private key?

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The seed of any wallet, usually known as the 12/24 secret or seed words, is just a mnemonic phrase generated from the private key of your wallet. These 12/24 seed words allow you to regain access to your wallet even after losing your device and etc…

Thank you Dima! SO the seed phrase is not actually the private key, just a way of recovering the wallet if lost.RighT?

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yes but please check it by yourself and learn about it more before doing something with your assets(i am new here like you :innocent:)…for example as in Ledger hardware wallets(cold wallet) the private key actually stores on the ledger device … and if you lost your device you can use your seed phrase to recover your wallet…

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