Purchasing Altcoins

Hi Guys,

New to Altcoins, I have been looking into which ones have the potential to blow up and also ones which interest me, however, cannot find some of them on either Kraken or Coinbase.

Some examples: have been looking at: API3, Axion, Reserve, Polkacas, Oriachain, $Coin.

Is there another exchange in which you can purchase these coins or how do you go about getting hold of them?

Thanks for the help.


Set up Metamask and use Uniswap or one of the other decentralized exchanges. Use Youtube videos to study how to do it. Good luck.

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You can also use coingecko in order to find which exchange have the coin that you want to buy. For example if you search API3 and scroll down the page you’ll see the exchanges that sell it. You can hold in Metamask but belter make a research before you buy a coin!

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Be careful when purchasing altcoins when confirming an order on metamask cause you might endup with huge transcation fee !

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