Python Vs Javascript

Hi guys,
I’ve just started a JS course, I have a basic knowledge of Python already and honestly I find it to be easier and more intuitive compared to JS.

Do you guys consider it worth as a BC dev. tool? Did you choose JS for any particular reason over Python? Does JS have any particular advantage over Python?

Are you considering to add a Python course as well?

Thanks alot

The JavaScript ecosystem is broad, including front-end development, command-line interface (CLI) applications, desktop (GUI) applications, mobile applications, back-end development and combinations of all the above. This complexity is what drives its dominance.

I think Ivan mentioned in one of his streams that there is a chance that they will have a Python course in the future. :grinning:

thanks alot for your reply, on which I agree to an extent.

Though I’m not really sure that nowadays Java is still ahead in terms of diffusion among those starting to code. And I can witness Python has a great community. Not saying that JS doesn’t though…but from what I’ve seen so far, Python looks definitely more intuitive to code.

Prolly the real advantage of JS over Python it’s the best for web work, which is prolly better suited for Blockchain. Python is definitely more object oriented, not really sure if this is the main reason JS was picked up as the language to start.

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