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Hi Ivan and everybody,

I’m a bit confused about Question 4 in the homework on stale blocks.
The question says, " Why is it important to wait for more than one block to be confirmed when sending or receiving a transaction?"
My confusion is that any transaction will first sit in the mempool before being picked up by a miner. I will not know when my transaction will be included in a block and whether the block holding my transaction would become a stale block. It seems to me that waiting for more blocks be confirmed before sending or receiving a transaction may not be relevant to minimizing my transaction being sent back to the mempool in case of a stale block situation …
Did I misunderstand anything?

Thank you.


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Hi Erick,

Your transaction will first be sent to the mempool and it will have 0 block confirmations. Once your transaction gets confirmed in a block (1 block confirmation), that’s where you would want to wait for more block confirmations. If you transaction was in a block number 100, and the chain moved to the latest block of 105, you would have 6 block confirmations. The odds that your block was in a stale block after 6 confirmations is so low, that we considered it to be the safe thing to accept. Hope this helped you out.

It seems to me that your confusion came from the question itself. There is no point in waiting for blocks, if you transaction hasn’t been yet included in block. Maybe we could reword the question a bit. Thanks. :smiley:

Hi Mauro,

Thanks so much for your explanation. It all became clear to me now.



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No problem Eric.I am glad I could help you understand it. Keep up the great work. :smiley:

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