Question on Certificates and Linkedin (URLs)

Hi Everyone,

I just finished the Bitcoin Standard Course and was directed to add a Certificate to my Linkedin Account which I did, but is there a URL to view our certificates or where can they be accessed? This is the first course I finished, but I cannot find the certificate. Thanks!


Hello @MusicforMovies, hope you are great.

Congratulation on finishing the Bitcoin Standard Course :partying_face:
Now your certificate should be sent to your email a few minutes after you finished the course, so please check your email.

If you still have some issues with the certificate, please write to our support team on

Carlos Z.

Congratulations Joel,
Im pretty sure you should of received the certificate via your email.
Save the photo or take a screen shot and utilise that mate.

Hope that helps some what.
Congratulations and wishing you further success.