Questions on the following please tokens/coins

Hi there I would appreciate some easy explanations on the difference between coins and tokens and where can I spend cryptocurrency and how does crypto differ from other forms of payments?
I’m interested in different peoples feed back on this please
Many Thanks

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Coins are a native currency of a blockchain like BTC and ETH. Tokens are build on top of a blockchain. The most popular tokens are erc20 tokens built on top of the ETH blockchain.

Not many places that accept crypto natively as far as I know, but many accept it through a service called bitpay Crypto payments work differently at the core. I guess the main point is that if you use bitcoin as a payment no one should be able to censor your transcation as the network itself is not owned by anyone. However with the decentralization being the nice part the scalability is very bad on the bitcoin first layer. That’s why we have a project such as lightning network trying to scale bitcoin. But for now bitcoin is fighting to be seen as a safe asset. Something like gold but much better as it offer easy transport, tracking and a very high and easy divisibility of the coins.

thank you that is so well done

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