Quit working part time job?

Hello everyone, I am newbie and I’ve been recently learning about the whole crypto world and how it works and I was wondering what would be any of the expert’s opinions on quitting a part time job to dedicate more time to learning about this and making money through crypto sooner, not that I mean that I’m in a rush and I’m focusing on making money mostly and not learning and experiencing things slowly, but let’s say you’re an expert and you’re looking at your younger self and you know what opportunities you could what would be a good advice in this whole topic?

Ahmed what country are you in and is there any government aid you could use to help you get buy for a few months while you throw yourself into crypto?


I’m in canada and I’ve already bout bitcoin and I’m holding it. I’m learning more and more about it every and I’m wondering if I can give up my part time job and dedicate my time to school and crypto

Is your govt offering any special covid relief unemployment or any thing you might be able to take advantage of to just keep a roof over your head for a few months while you study study study?
here in the usa they are giving everyone who needs it unemployment and plus 300 a week in federal $$
Canada is usually far more ummmm i don’t know the word I’m looking for … helpful?

i make less than i would on unemployment but as a state employee I’m just using my time at work mostly to study since the center is closed due to covid atm.

id say if you can cover your bills on some covid unemployment go for it! you will prolly make more and have all your time free to study