React (Harder) vs DApps (Easier)

Am I the only one?

It is normal to be able to understand DApp’s easier than React and Javascript?

I find I can follow the logic in DApp’s such as solidity, but not in basic javascript. I understand this makes no sense, but I find it to be true.

I am going throught the React course and I just want to quit and go straight to Ethereum, but I know without React I won’t be able to build the front end of the DApp.

My two toughest courses are Javascript and React. I have taken a Solidity course before and I totally get it.

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Hi @Stacy_L,

Javascript definitely is a little on the weird side of programming languages with many quirks and weird features. Especially programmers who come from C#, C++ or Java hate the fact that javascript is sometimes very unpredictable.

Most programming languages are very structured and predictable but Javascript isn’t because of all it’s flexibility. Advocates of javascript actually adore the fact that it is so flexible and that it can be abstracted into layers and layers.

Similarly, React uses JS and was built on top of it. So, you can expect these quirks there as well.

To answer your question, no. It is not common for people to understand JS at the very first go. Other languages are easier to pick up. But once you get the hang, you’ll fly.

Hope this gives you a perspective. :smile:

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@Malik thanks. I appreciate it.