Real estate in the blockchain

hello amigo’s

Who has practical knowledge or info & examples about blockchain & real estate?
This is a topic I truly want to dig in; all your info is welcome to fully understand this niche!

big love

Hola amigo!!

This is one of the few examples I’m aware of in this space… Enjoy!!

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Hi there,
i’m interested in building a crowdfouding in share building selling and distribute the earnings.
I’ve just started now.

You and me both Diego. I’m learning blockchain and know real estate investing very well. I would love to bring them together more.

Let’s talk would like to see what you are doing. I saw a great article how LABS is doing this through NFT’s.

I rather take the investor point of vue. Like crowdfounding projet with underliyng token as asset. I’ve not investigated NFT yet, but I will.

Looking at that as well. STO’s are a definite route to go as well.