Remix File Explorer Not Loading Properly

Howdy y’all —

EDIT - I fixed the problem by clearing my browser cache. Has anyone else had this issue after opting-in to the data collection pop-up? That’s when my issue started but I can’t imagine how they’re related. Okie dokie. I’ll delete this topic if it’s deemed not useful.

I’m having some trouble getting the File Explorer in Remix to show any files. Here’s what my page looks like:

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 10.25.39 AM

Creating a new file doesn’t work. Opening a file doesn’t work. Only going to the “Old experience” lets me see & navigate the browser and other directories in the File Explorer. I’ve restarted Chrome, my computer, and checked for updates. I suppose the next step is clearing all my browser cache. Oh goodie. (I’ve backed up my Solidity files from Remix.)

I can’t find anything in my initial Google & forum searches, so here’s hoping on of y’all knows what is going on. Help!



I did have issues with remix the past couple of days but all seems to be back to normal again

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Thanks for sharing the solution!

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