Satoshi conspiracy

Hey all,
Been thinking, what if Satoshi is one of the elite, one of the most wealthy influencial person or group of friends in the world. Maybe they feel the current system got them out of hands and they wanted a new system - because the one who controls the currency is the more important than the king according to the old saying right? For me it is extremely strange that Satoshi is untracable, that one can not trace him among the first guys who were doing crypto. Is he dead? Maybe he is just so wealthy that power is way more important to him than cashing out his bitcoin - he has no incentive to get richer by bitcoin. Maybe he is not THE most influencial elite, maybe he was out throwned by some other that is now more important than him and he has designed bitcoin to gain back power. I guess what I am thinking is that maybe it is not at all a root movement from some common people knowing a lot about tech but actually an idea from the ones who accordning to some conspiracy theory rule the world, that it comes from above disgused as it were a root movement. What do you think about satoshi? Is the theory I laid forth a common one?

Satoshi isn’t that important anymore because Bitcoin is decentralized and no single person controls it. To change bitcoin you need consensus among all participants.
On the blockchain, we can track the bitcoin that Satoshi mined and these haven’t been moved yet.
These are big amounts, so the worst thing that can happen is that Satoshi sells all his bitcoin (wich is a lot) , but then everyone would notice that on the blockchain.