Security in the Mempool

Hi! I just finnished the Bitcoin 101 course and there is one question that is nagging me.

When a block is stale and all the transactions returns to the mempool, is it posseble to reverse the transaction?
If a waiting time of 5-6 blocks is needed to verify the transaction isn’t on a fork, why don’t the Bitcoin developers design a safety system that makes the transactions in the mempool irreversable? Then it would not be needed to wait for a miner to add the transaction in a block for conformations.

PS: Don’t hate me, I´m just a beginner :sweat_smile:

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don’t worry, The transactions of the stale blocks are going back to the mempool and shortly new miners working on the next blocks will add that transaction (if you used high fee’s, it will probably be added in the next block. every comfirmation means a new mined block followed after your Tx is mined. approximately every 10 minutes. the more confirmations (blocks are added) the longer the chain becomes and the more probability that your block will stay on chain forever.


Thank you for your awnser Fabrice.
I´m not worried, only qurious :grimacing:
But is it reverseble in the mempool tho?

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unless you can delete the transaction from every nodes mempool on the network. If you have set a normal fee, it will get picked up by a miner. But crazy transaction with zero fee’s or weird locking scripts, can get expired after some time (I think)

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ps. we don’t hate you, we are here to learn together :love_you_gesture:

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Thank you so, so much!
This was exactly what I was looking for :smiley:
You´re the boss!

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