Security with dapps that use assets

I love the course! Please let people know that in this course there will be an issue with the security. IMPORTANT!

Everyone has to understand that if you build a dapp that is using assets, you have to implement specialities in the backend. If you don’t you will get scammed!
In this case the there is very easy to give yourselt Super Boots by just changing a variable in the console log. Or you could even change you bag of coin to whatever you like, which will make your ERC20 token worthless.

Please add this in this course,

That’s correct, and it’s a great suggestion. We cover this more in the Enjin Game course, which is also part of the Game Track. When it comes to free tokens in general, it’s very hard to control when and how they are minted. But if you have your own server minting rewards, it’s a bit easier to control.