Seeking a mentor

Hey everyone. I’m the new guy here. My goal is to learn how to be a blockchain developer. I’m currently taking Ivan’s course, but I feel like I need a mentor.

I got stuck… I downloaded Atom to start learning how to code, but it just doesn’t work.
My ‘code’ doesn’t show up in the browser. It says my file doesn’t have an app associated in the default settings. I read everything I could on the internet to figure this out. Still suck… This is my 3rd day trying to solve this problem. I don’t want to quit, but it’s hard knowing that for you guys this would probably be a 30-second fix. Please someone help!

Hi Edward
Can you share your code here ?
When you are using your browser ,what url are you typing ?

So it’s not even a code. It’s just basic HTML stuff.

For example:


When I type that in it supposed to just say


in a Chrome browser, but it doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for reaching out though! :grinning:

Ok so let’s say you write
" big " in atom
you can save this file as big.htlm

Now you need to get the location of your file
You can go to the folder where you saved this file and in your finder right click on the address bar. And click on “copy address as text”

For my example i create a folder in the desktop named “doc” and i saved big.html inside.

Then you go to your browser and type file:///C:/Users/gabba/Desktop/doc/
It will show your text file in the browser.

You can click on big.html to show the page

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has @gabba says, lets say u have your html file in the desktop, “edward.html” is the file, you can right click and open with “atom”, this will open the file with atom, here u will developing what the file must contain.

After some code in the “edward.html”, go to the desktop and right click on the file, this time use the open with and choose your browser (firefox, chrome, idk), this will open you file in the explorer and should show whats inside on it.

Now, you can have the atom opened with the file, and the browser opened at the same time, you can type some code in atom, save the file, and refresh the page in the browser to see if those change has been made correcly.

hope this work for you.


@Edward. Did you manage to get past this issue?
Dont be afraid to ask questions, we could all need a mentor sometimes. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just hang in there and keep trying like you did, and keep asking questions.

You will always run into some issues with programming, but that is half the fun and satisfaction.
Good luck to you, my friend…


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No didn’t really work out. I’m be meeting with one of my friends and hopefully he could help me out

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If you can post your code here with a screenshot that would help a lot.

For me, It’s often just a small part or syntax that I have typed wrong or just forgotten the ; or {} something silly like that. :woozy_face: But that happens to everybody, so it is often a wise thing to let others take a look at your code when you are stuck.

I`m sure your friend will be able to help you, but if you want us to take a look at it, just take screenshots and try to be precise about the issue. The more info we get, the easier it is to help you. Let us know how it goes.
Good luck, Edward.