Seeking info: Electroneum

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Just recently joined the Ivan on Tech Acadamy.
Greetings to all, hope everyone is safe and well.

Does anyone have experience using “Electroneum”?
I’m after some tips, advice or any user experience on using this app.


I have not used it, but I found out this helpful article

From what I can see its pretty detailed and covers most things you should know about it. Its advantages and flaws. I do always recommend a hardware wallet such as ledger nano s or trezor.

From what I gathered the app is a hot wallet, meaning your private keys will be on your device encrypted when you are not making transactions. As soon as you make a transaction the key has to be encrypted which is why they point the flaw of being attacked by a virus or a malware.

The reason why I recommend a hardware wallet is because it never displays the private key out to any sort of virus. The private key never leaves the hardware device itself so even an infected computer can’t steal my funds by stealing my private key.

If you are starting small a hot wallet should be fine, but as soon as you start having more funds I would advise to switch to a hardware wallet.

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Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and info @Mauro - great article too. Thanks again! x

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Hi Ashio,

Yes I have been using the Electroneum app since the release of their mobile miner two years ago. With this program (now called ETN Rewards), you regularly earn some ETN with cloud mining. This is pretty cool and doesn’t use the resources of your mobile phone. If you are interested, please let me know by PM, I can help you in the process.

By the way, Electroneum has a nice vision to help the unbanked in developing countries.

All the best!

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Hi @swisscrypto,
I’ve downloaded the app & haven’t done much or know where to start… (i should look more into it but haven’t & decided to put it out there in the forum). If you could help would be awesome! Thanks so much!

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Don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I would be happy to help!

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