SegWit , SegWit 2X , Bitcoin Gold and bitcoin cash how does all this take place on the bitcoin network

Hi Ivan ,
I watched your recent video on how a chain split works where you referred to Jimmy s Article and it kind of made sense when you were talking about Replay effect ,

How ever you also do a video where you draw diagram on paper to make things look simpler but its been a while you did that . Can you do the same for all the forks which are scheduled. Also what will be the block size of legacy bitcoin in these forks.



Hey @shiv! Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Segwit2x will be there own separate networks. I will do a video explaining this more visually! :slight_smile:



Your vids have been informative but I was wondering what you would recommend doing with one’s BTC on these upcoming fork dates. Hold BTC on a hard wallet like Ledger Nano S until AFTER the fork? What happens then? Which wallets will be able to store Bitcoin Gold/SegWit2x? How can we send this small amount (a satochi?) ALONG WITH a SegWit2x transaction to “lock-in” the 3Bit prefix from a Ledger/Exodus wallet? Can SegWit & SegWit2x coins exist together in the SegWit chain on the Nano S?
Sorry for the flood of questions but one begs another when there are so many variables.


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Yeah same here. I don’t really know which is the best way. maybe keep them on a hard wallet, make them safe from replay and then just not touch them for a while. This might be (the further i dig into this topic) more an attack on bitcoin than an upgrade at all. So lets try to safe our coins…

Very valid questions and certainly things to consider for the future, however, as off now (09/11/2017) the Segwit2X hard fork due in about 7 days has been cancelled:

As such there is no need currently to do the “opt-in” replay protection.

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