Selling altcoins from Metamask

Hi everyone
What is the most efficient process / strategy for selling alt-coins, say Trustswap as an example, back to Fiat from your Meatamask wallet, as there is no sell function on Uniswap / Metamask?
Thank you

If you want fiat you need to send it to a fiat on/off ramp exchange that deals with your local currency.

If your exchange does not support SWAP token, then in UniSwap, swap it for ETH or any token your exchange supports then send that to the exchange, and do the conversion to fiat on your exchange.

If you just want to sell Trustswap and not necessarily withdraw your fiat immediately (i.e. store your wealth on the sidelines), you can swap your tokens for a stable coin such as USDT, USDC, TUSD, GUSD straight in UniSwap.

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Wait for gas price to come down too, crazy high right now

Thank you so much for your information, most helpful, there is a lot to get
your head around, early days for me!

For the most part gas fees are cheaper on the weekends

Thank you for taking the time to repond

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