Sharing my Blessings to my Fellow Ivan on Tech Academy Students

Hi everyone!

Blockchain Fair Asia 2018 this October 11-12 will be held here in the Philippines.
Their tickets are quite pricey considering it is bear market in crypto right now so I requested for student tickets as an Ivan on Tech Academy student, and guess what! They have given me free tickets (yey! but there’s more…) and to whoever fellow students I will invite who will really attend the event (since those tickets are tickets they could have gotten sold to others), so if you are really interested and sure of attending, and want free ticket/s, just pm me or message them directly. :wink:

You may check out their FB page

I hope this is ok with the moderators. If not and this is violating a rule in our community just tell me and I would understand. #JustSharingMyBlessings! :angel:

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