Solidity Basics

Hello sir, after the people.push, look at the last parameter (“height”), you should not have a comma at the end of the last parameter.

If you have any doubt, please let us know so we can help you!

Carlos Z.

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Thank you for your reply and I have amendent the comma error, however, I am still getting an error about not recognising ‘lenght’ in the directory, see attached. Again thanks for takin the time to help me out…


@filip @thecil can anyone help with this error I get now please, tried loads of different things and I might be missing something?!


It’s only the variable “people.lenght”, LENGTH, you misspell the property name.

If you have any doubt, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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@thecil Thank you sir and lol in me not being able to see that


Don’t worry @coletto27, you’re not the only one. It’s a very common mistake :wink:

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Hi, I have a question regarding the struct lesson.

My code works but it pushes the first created person under position " 1" in the array, instead of “0” which happened when Filip run his code. I don’t understand why it does this.
Here’s my code:

pragma solidity 0.5.12;

contract HelloWorld{

struct Person{
    uint id;
    string name;
    uint age;
    uint height;
Person[] public people;

function createPerson(string memory name, uint age, uint height) public{
    people.push(Person(people.length, name, age, height));


Hello, seeking assistance with deploying on this version of remix. Please see screenshot. I think it is adding plugins? Should I activate them all? Also trying to find how to compile as well, is that the bugs? Or where to choose the compiler as it isn’t clear…will play around a bit.


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Via Plugin Manager, you can install DEPLOY & RUN TRANSACTIONS and SOLIDITY COMPILER plugins. This last plugin will find the right compiler to match the pragma statement.

I’m not getting anything. It goes out and finds it but nothing is there. does not give me anything. No error, just blank page.

I had the same thing when using the Brave browser…still am using Brave, just shut off the brave shields and waited and it takes time to load.


that’s great…however I got a bit click happy and installed so many that if filled up the left column and there does not appear to be a way to unplug them nor scroll down to see the installed plugs below the settings…

ok,resolved…got to ‘featured plugins’ where I could deactivate…then found the solidity compiler

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not compiling apparently do to an SPDX license identifier not provided.

It appears that this is needed: SPDX-License-Identifier: UNLICENSED

but it wasn’t accepted

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It’s a warning, you compiled the contract successfully. You can deploy it.

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Indeed it was, ty

however I do not get any of the message buttons under deployed contracts…why?

**resolved…just needed to open the ‘>’ tree…matter of just getting familiar with Remix

I get an error message here…not sure why???

***resolved…I had commented out the instantiation in error

I can’t get my data structure code to compile. It looks exactly like yours but there is one thing. I wanted to save the code for reference and created a new contract.

Can you help me?

Sorry, never mind. I figured it out.

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Hi @dbeelow0323,

Seems like you’ve had some issues getting started with Remix. Have you resolved all of the following issues now? I just wanted to check if everything was OK :slight_smile: