Solidity Error Handling - lessons 1 - 5

Hi Filip,

Please can you elaborate slowly what you’re doing with the ETH address selection when testing your deploy, as I keep getting this error (see screenshot) and using 2 different addresses the way I think I see you doing it.
For the screenshot,
mine were;
ownAddrd: 0xAb8483F64d9C6d1EcF9b849Ae677dD3315835cb2
otherAddress: 0x5B38Da6a701c568545dCfcB03FcB875f56beddC4

but Solidity keeps complaining about these addresses, which is not the error you get.


in your transfer button, you are sending the values in the bad way, you have 2 options, send them with quotemarks like this: "address","100", Or open the transfer details by clicking the down arrow next to the input bar.

If you have any more questions, please let us know so we can help you! :slight_smile:

Carlos Z.

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